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Best Ukulele Facebook Groups – A Little Ukulele

Learning the ukulele can be a bit lonely (particularly if you’re learning alone at home online, by app or on YouTube ). To help combat this, there’s some really fun, active ukulele groups on Facebook.

Here’s my favourites for beginner ukulele players:

Ukulele Lessons and Tutorials is very active. Lots of beginners post questions and there are plenty of members happy to offer supportive advice.


Ukulele-itis has a fun “Question of the Day” feature you can both submit a question to and participate in answering when you’re a member.


Ukulele Players (Uke Players) has over 9000 members! The posts are a good mix of beginner questions and more experienced players sharing videos (#ukegoals!)


Learn Ukulele Free is a great group because the administrator only allows video posts if the poster also includes chords or tab to go with it. All posts are required to be educational in nature, which means no ads and no-one just showing off.


There’s also quite likely a ukulele Facebook group specific to your country or even your city:

My home group is the New Zealand Ukulele Network, where you get a warm welcome upon joining!

There’s also the Ukulele Society of Great Britain.

And Malaysia Ukulele Group has over 4000 members!

Over in Ireland there’s Belfast Ukulele Jam.

Ukulele South Australia looks pretty active.

Tehran Ukulele Orchestra is the first Iranian ukulele group.

The Dutch Ukulele Society is another busy page.

Ukulele Club Philippines looks like a fun group.


Get in there and enjoy your new community of ukulele lovers!



Best Ukulele Facebook Groups

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