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5 Best Ukuleles for Beginners – A Little Ukulele

Eager to buy your new ukulele and get started ASAP?

Looking for a quick summary of your top five choices for beginner ukuleles?

I’ve read loads of reviews, sorted the wheat from the chaff, and found you the best five ukuleles for a beginner whether you’re after a soprano, concert, or tenor size.

For a little more detail gathered from the reviews, check out my longer post here.

Get uke-ing!

NameMakala DolphinLanikai LU-21SCordoba 15CMHola! Music HM-127ZWKala KA-T
Price$47$69$99$60$130 (bundle including tuner and case)
ProsFun colors, hardy, good tone.Pleasing tone, especially with Aquila strings.Attractive appearance. Warm, rich sound.Value for money in tone, quality, and appearance.Quality instrument with a good tone.
ConsMixed plastic and laminate construction. Some purchasers have received lower quality instruments.As for any soprano, may feel small for adults.Some purchasers have received sub-standard products, be prepared to return and exchange if necessary.Some defective instruments received by purchasers, though relatively few.Fairly plain appearance.
Few critical reviews overall.
SummaryBest first ukulele for children.
Best ukulele for schools.
Best beginner soprano ukulele.Overall glowing reviews, best beginner concert size ukulele.Great beginner tenor ukulele. Good choice to give as a gift.Good choice for guitar players picking up ukulele.
Buy from AmazonMakala DolphinLanikai LU-21SCordoba 15CMHola! Music HM-127ZWKala KA-T
5 Best Ukuleles for Beginners

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