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Hola! Music HM-127ZW+ Tenor Ukulele $60 – A Little Ukulele

The Hola! Music HM-127ZW+ Tenor Ukulele is an affordable tenor ukulele available in zebrawood or acacia colors (though it appears there may be other colors available at times).

The majority of reviewers comment very positively on the tone, quality, and appearance of these ukuleles. The sense is that this is a value-for-money purchase that tends to exceed purchasers’ expectations.

Negative reviews seem to relate to a few defective instruments received, though there are relatively fewer of these than for some of the other ukuleles reviewed.

Summary: The Hola! Music HM-127ZW+ is your best beginner tenor ukulele under $100.

Hola! Music HM-127ZW+ Tenor Ukulele $60

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