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Learn Ukulele Online Part II – A Little Ukulele

Welcome back to A Little Ukulele’s series on the best resources for learning ukulele online.

In the first part, we introduced you to Cynthia Lin and her YouTube channel.

In part two, let us introduce you to Brett McQueen of Ukulele Tricks.

Like Cynthia Lin, Brett McQueen also has a warm, gentle manner in his videos that makes learning the ukulele un-intimidating. His website currently offers three online learning options for beginners:

1. Club Ukulele, which is a monthly subscription service ($USD19) that allows you access to over 100 videos and a private Facebook group for support. The video lessons start at the level of complete beginner (how to tune, hold, and strum your ukulele) and progress through basic songs, reading ukulele notation and tabs, 12 bar blues techniques, chucking, more advanced strumming, and chord theory. Brett also promises to add new lessons every month.

2. Strumming Tricks, a 27-video course for $USD47 beginning with the most basic strums for very easy songs and gradually moving through more advanced strumming. The Strumming Tricks course is divided into six sections: Getting Up to Speed on the Essentials, Developing a Strong Foundation for Strumming, and Making Strumming More Intricate with Variations, Creating Percussive Strumming Rhythms, Taking All You’ve Learned and Playing Must-Know Songs, and Learning Strumming Patterns and Songs in 3/4 Time Signature.

I have actually signed up to this course and can attest to Brett’s responsive to questions from the students, as well as his clear and encouraging way of teaching.

3. Fingerpicking Tricks, a similar course to Strumming Tricks except for fingerpicking! This course is divided into five sections: The Essentials, Pattern-Based Fingerpicking, Arpeggio-Based Fingerstyle, Melodic-Based Fingerstyle, and Solo Fingerpicking. This course includes over 7 hours of video and 168 pages of lesson worksheets for $USD77.

Brett also has a bunch of free lessons and a free 41-page workbook you can take a look at it and try out to see if you like his style.

Learn Ukulele Online Part II

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